Cole of California Vintage Swimsuit

I found this 1950s swimsuit @sweetbeefinds on Instagram and here on Etsy. Sadly it sold before I finished painting it, but there are many, many great vintage fashions to find in the shop!

The modern day bikini was first introduced July 5, 1946 by designer Louis Reard.

Check out these links for more history about the bikini:

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A-Line Dress :: The 100 Project ::

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It was hard to decide where to begin with The 100 Project, but I found this A-Line dress by Dolce & Gabanna and knew I had to illustrate it! (It also happens to be No. 1 in my guide book for this project.)

This particular drop, dead red A-Line has a cute gold embroidered bow, flap pockets, and what I really, really love…cheetah print lining! For me it’s all in the details!

In general, A-Line dresses are narrower at the top and flare out gently toward the bottom forming and “A” shape. It is a style that can be worn by any body type and will be super flattering. A must for every woman’s closet!

You won’t need much to pull off an A-Line dress. A few bold pieces of jewelry and some super cute shoes or boots and off you go!

For an authentic look get inspiration from the 1960s. Think Twiggy and Jackie Kennedy.

:: A Little History ::

The A-Line dress debuted in Christian Dior‘s 1955 collection and was a break away style from his 1947 “New Look”.  While it debuted in 1955, the style wouldn’t catch on until the 1960s.

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